Balers (strapping machine) series

YT-740/450 semi-automatic balers

Technical parameters:
Power: 220V/110V/50HZ/1-phase
Power: 0.66KW
Maximum contraction force: 60kg
PP width :6-15mm
Minimum strapping material: 60mm
The biggest strapping material is not limited to: no limit
Strapping speed: 1.5 seconds / (second / strap)
PP with paper core: 200mm
Weight: 100kg
Strapping speed, high efficiency, each bundle a PP with only 1.5 seconds.
speed thermal systems, IV low voltage, good security, instant heating, 5 seconds after boot in best strapping state.
device automatically shutdown, power utility, no longer operating more than 60 seconds, the motor will automatically stop turn into standby.
Electromagnetic clutch, quick and smooth. Even the shaft drive faster rate, low noise, less wear and low failure rate.

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