Balers (strapping machine) series

YT-130 pallet balers

Basic features:
· Automatic balers are widely used in newspapers, publishing, postal services, pharmaceutical, electronics, electrical, chemical, textile, clothing, furniture and other various industries. Bring with polypropylene strapping packaging machinery.
· The super crunch arms, has a super tight.
· 9,12,15,18 mm PP with PET with.
· Pallet and packaging can be packaged.
Technical parameters:
· Model: YT-130
· Machinery Dimensions: length (1860mm) X width (560mm) X-high (1500mm)
· Weight: 150KG
· PP tape: width: 9,12, 15,18 mm
· Packaging distance: 1000mm or 1200mm (can be added long distance)
· Power: 0.5KVA
· Power supply: single-phase 110V or 220V (50Hz/60Hz)
· Other specifications can be customized

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