Horizontal Wrapping Machine

The YT-BC1200 plate Wrapping Machine


The BB series steel automatic packaging machine company specifically for the metallurgical industry and research, design and manufacture of a novel wrapping machine, steel pipe anti-rust,

Corrosion, dust play a good protection. Widely used in stainless steel tubes, seamless steel tubes, square tube, rectangular tube, brass, aluminum, plastic tube,

Wrapping elongated rods, plates, flat material, profiles, cylinder and all products.
This machine has high security, speed packaging, a wide range of packaging, easy to operate, etc.. You improve efficiency and save time

Product packaging to reduce costs, improve product quality, the best choice. You can use the composite wrapping paper tape, composite braid, stretch film and other environmentally friendly packaging materials.
 Basic features:
PLC microcomputer control.
Using the HMI touch screen operation.
Manual / automatic operation mode selection.
Frequency control, can be arbitrarily adjust the degree of overlap of the packing tape.
The level of swivels center height can be adjusted according to the size of the object.
The photoelectric automatic tracking the length of the packaging, automatic positioning.
Automatic alarm and the Chinese display fault content.
Packaging into the belt tension, the belt tension can be adjusted.
The tape automatically paste the packaging with a tail.
Separate control cabinet, improving the operability and maintainability.
Briefly parameter

Model BC1200
Sheet width
 ≤ 1200mm
Sheet length
 ≤ 9000mm
Packaging materials
 The composite tape / braid / plastic film W ≤ 250mm
Conveyor speed
 3 ~ 8m/min
Ring body speed
 20 ~ 40r/min
Conveying surface height
Overlapping range
Total power
   About 7.0kw
Voltage / frequency
 3 ¢ 380V/50Hz
 About 3000kg
★ can be customized: 1. Lengthened. Increase aggravate 4. Shaping mechanism
device can be customized according to the actual size of an object.











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