Industrial turnover machine series

The YT-FZ10T industrial tilter


This machine can adapt to different specifications of goods rollover requirements to achieve horizontal conversion established or vertical converted into horizontal job goals. Widely used in metallurgy, mold, paper, refrigeration, steel strip, reel, barrel material, roll material and other industries.
Basic features:
A variable frequency vector control, multi-speed operation.
, Hardened reducer.
Third, the unique doublesprocket drive.
Four supporting wheel mechanism the, outsourcing polyurethane.
V. thick and sturdy body design, durable.
Briefly parameter

  Model FZ-3T
Maximum load
 3 t
 5 tons
 8 t
 10 tons
Flip speed
 50 seconds ± 10%
 50 seconds ± 10%
 60 seconds ± 10%
 60 seconds ± 10%
 Mechanical transmission or
Hydraulic transmission
 Mechanical transmission
 Mechanical transmission
 Mechanical transmission
 1.5 tons
 2 t
 2.5 tons
 3 t
Flip angle
The machine can be equipped with the preselection parts: I, 5 meters by-wire II wireless remote III, PLC control
device can be customized according to the actual size of an object.






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