Metal band Wrapping Machine series

The the YT-GD600 steel strip reciprocating Wrapping Machine


    GD section steel with vertical automatic packaging machine is my company specifically for the metallurgical industry and research, design and manufacture of a novel wrapping machine, steel strip anti-rust, corrosion, dust played a good protective effect. Can be widely applied in the Copperbelt, aluminum, bearings, steel wire, cable, hoses, tires and other ring object packaging.
This machine has a packaging speed, a wide range of packaging and easy operation. Improve work efficiency, save time, and reduce the cost of the product packaging, improve product quality, the best choice.
 Basic features:
    PLC microcomputer control.
    Using the HMI touch screen operation.
    Manual / automatic operation mode selection.
    Frequency control, can be arbitrarily adjust the degree of overlap of the packing tape.
    The simple, touch input products outside diameter, inside diameter, width, the system will automatically adjust the appropriate packaging parameters.
    Native operation reciprocating. Lifting convenient, safe and reliable, small footprint.
    When the outside diameter of the packaging is different, adjustable center level height.
    The idlers uses highpressure-resistant polyurethane coated.
    The automatic positioning; automatically cut the belt.
    Automatic alarm and the Chinese display fault content.
    Separate control cabinet, improving the operability and maintainability.
Briefly parameter

Model GD600
Strip width
 W ≤ 600mm
Steel strip outside diameter
 800mm ≤ OD ≤ 1800mm
Steel strip inside diameter
 ID ≤ 500mm
Packaging materials
 A roll of composite tape W = 90mm (or other winding material)
Ring body speed
 v ≤ 40r/min (frequency regulation)
Idler bearing
 6000kg (emphasis)
Overlapping range
 Any overlap (adjustable)
Total power
 About 10kw
Voltage / frequency
 3 ¢ 380V/50Hz
 About 6000kg
can be equipped with the preselection pieces:
1 on the feeding mechanism. Labeling agencies
device can be customized according to the actual size of an object.