Shrink Packing Machine

Shrink Packing Machine YT-S6040


    Shrink packaging machine in PE, POF, PVC, PP, PET shrink film as the main packing material, shrink-wrapped on a single product or combination of products. Nice after shrink packaging, product appearance, at the same time has a waterproof, dustproof, anti-wear, anti-strewn, anti-theft, promotional section of this efficacy.
Basic characteristics
    Using state-of-the-art technology of hot air circulation. l
    Based on different products, have targeted select different wind speeds, air flow and outlet position to ensure that the packaging effect. l
    Reasonable, low-power, high-efficiency heat distribution. l
    Multiple protection, safe and reliable. l
    Concise design, maintenance is extremely convenient. l
Briefly parameter

Power supply: AC 380V, three-phase four-wire
Heating method:
 Hot air circulation
Total heating power:
 About 35kw
Conveying power:
The hot air circulation fan:
 6 groups
Thermostat range:
 <220 ° C
Transportation methods:
 Bar chain; 2 stainless steel mesh; Teflon Network
Conveying surface height:
Maximum conveying Weight:
 About 100kg
Conveyor speed:
 0-8m/min, VVVF
Drying tunnel dimensions:
 L3000mm W600mm H400mm
     L4600mm W1080mm H1600mm
 About 1000kg
Natural cooling device:
Applicable shrink film


Equipment can be customized according to the actual size of an object.