Standard winding machine series

The YT-BX jib Wrapping Machine


    Native LLDPE stretch film as the main packaging material, wrapping bulk goods stacked on pallets. After Wrapping goods firmer

Beautiful, clean, and can play a waterproof, dustproof, antistrewn, anti-theft, convenience into the ship, and other effects.
Basic characteristics
    Automatic unmanned operation.
    Manual / automatic operation mode selection.
    Feed, on film, wound, cut film, foil, discharge, storage, etc. machinery automation.
    PLC microcomputer control, HMI touch screen operation.
    Frequency control, multi-speed, slow start, slow stop function.
    Overload, overcurrent protection function.
    Failure alarm automatically.
    Independent of the control system, easy to operate, easy to maintain.
    Rugged body design, a reasonable combination of mechanical and electrical integration.
    , Capped film used in conjunction with the palletizer.
    Security, stability, and quick.
Technical requirements

Works fully automated (unmanned)
Maximum load (max)
Packing size (max)
Electrical control
 PLC microcomputer control
Packaging materials
 LLDPE stretch film
Speed ​​of turntable
 0-13r/min (variable frequency adjustable)
Swing diameter
Conveying height
Total power
Voltage / frequency
 3 ¢ 380V/50Hz
Before, during and after the roller conveyor speed
Air pressure
 About 30 Torr / hour
Overall weight
 About 900kg (host)
 L30000mmW2200mmH3600mm (host)

★ can be customized
1. Heightening. Heavier 3. Increase