Standard winding machine series

YT-BR non-woven Wrapping Machine (second round)


    Native LLDPE stretch film packaging materials, wrapping cylindrical products, such as cylinder paper, tire cord fabric, non-woven fabrics.
 Basic characteristics
    PLC microcomputer control, you can set the number of turns.
    HMI touch screen operation, easy to operate.
    Frequency control, according to the packaging requirements to adjust the winding speed, the degree of overlap.
    Manual / automatic operation mode selection.
    Turntable automatic positioning.
    The indicator automatically indicates normal operation and abnormal alarm.
    Concise design, maintenance is extremely convenient.
Technical requirements

Item Parameters
Object size (max)
Turntable speed (max)
 13r/min (VVVF)
Idler bearing (max)
Total power
Voltage / frequency
 3 ¢ 380V/50Hz
Turntable diameter
Turntable height
 About 650mm
Overall weight
 About 1200kg
 L2800mm W1800mm H2500mm

can be equipped with the preselection parts: a pre-stretch automatic ejection device
★ can be customized: 1. Heightening heavier 3. Increase