Standard winding machine series

YT-BM M-type Wrapping Machine









    Native LLDPE stretch film as the main packaging material, wrapping bulk goods stacked on pallets.
After wrapping after goods are more solid, beautiful, clean, and can play a waterproof, dustproof, scattered, anti-theft, convenient shipped into the role.
Basic features:
    PLC microcomputer control. You can set the number of turns, strengthen local, automatic reset.
    Frequency control, slow start, slow stop function.
    Manual / automatic operation mode selection.
    Overload, overcurrent protection function.
    The indicator automatically indicates normal operation and abnormal alarm.
    Concise design, maintenance is extremely convenient.
Brief parameters:
Item Parameters
Turntable load (max) 1000Kg
Radius of gyration (max) 1200mm
Packing size (max) L1400mm W1400mm H2000mm
Electrical control PLC microcomputer control
Turntable start frequency conversion soft start control
0-13r/min (rotary speed variable frequency adjustable)
Turntable diameter 1500mm
The object height sensor automatically detects the object height
Tension adjustment pre-stretch
Total power 1.2KW
Voltage / frequency 3 ¢ 380V/50Hz
LLDPE stretch film, packaging materials
The whole weight of about 750kg
Dimensions L2700mm W1500mm H2500mm

★ can be equipped with the preselection pieces: 1. Slopes. Pressure of the top 3 pre-stretch
★ can be customized: 1. Heightening heavier 3. Increase

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