Tire Wrapping Machine series

YT-LT600 tires Vertical Wrapping Machine


LT series of vertical metal band wrapping machine is a new wrapping equipment designed and manufactured for the metallurgical industry, widely used in the Copperbelt,

Strip, coil, aluminum, bearings, steel wire, welding wire, cable, tires, hoses and other types of ring
Basic features:
Excellent configuration, the main components are a well-known brand.
PLC programmable controller.
Automatic alarm, the Chinese display fault content.
Simple, frequency control, according to the need to adjust the degree of overlap of the packing tape.
Packaging with adjustable tightness.
Packaging and out of the way manually and out
Technical parameters:

Model LT600
Tire width
 W ≤ 200mm
Tire outside diameter
 350 ≤ OD ≤ 600mm
Tire diameter
 200 ≤ ID ≤ 400mm
Packaging materials
 The roll PE stretch film W = 100mm (or other wound material)
Ring body speed
 v ≤ 60r/min (frequency regulation)
The height of the idler
Idler bearing
Overlapping range
 Any overlap (adjustable)
Total power
Voltage / frequency
 3 ¢ 380V/50Hz
Air pressure
 About 900kg
Custom-made devices can be based on the actual size of an object 








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