Vacuum packaging machine series

YT-500 double chamber vacuum packaging machine


Basic features:
 This series of vacuum packaging machine vacuum sealing, onetime completion of the functions of printing, cooling, vacuum packaging for food, medicine, aquatic products, chemical raw materials, electronic components and other products, to prevent oxidation, mildew, anticorrosion moisture, shelf life, preservation, and extend product shelf life.
Technical parameters; ·
Power: 380V/1.5KW
· Seal length: ≤ 500mm
· Package Length: ≤ 420mm
· Packaging height: ≤ 120 mm
· Sealing line: 10mm * 2
· Vacuum pump configuration: XD-020 (a single)
· Ultimate vacuum: 200Pa
· Pumping speed: 40m3 / h
· Dimensions (mm): 1160 * 650 * 1100
· Weight: 150Kg

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