Wire Wrapping Machine series

The YT-GS50 wire Reciprocating Wrapping Machine


GS-wire automatic packaging machine company specifically for the metallurgical industry and research, design and manufacture a novel Wrapping Machine for wire, wire,
The cable wire wrapping, etc., in order to achieve good protection and decoration.
This machine has high security, speed packaging, a wide range of packaging, easy to operate, etc.. Improve work efficiency, save time, reduce production

Goods packaging costs, improve product quality, the best choice.

Basic features:
PLC microcomputer control.
Frequency control, can be arbitrarily adjust the packaging with the degree of overlap.
Manual / automatic operation mode selection.
With adhesive tape device.
The Reciprocating operation.
The tightness of the packaging with adjustable.
Idler and retaining rollers are used to highpressure-resistant polyurethane coated.
Slip ring is height-adjustable.
Safety, convenience, and small footprint.

Briefly parameter

Model GS500
Wire width
 W ≤ 500mm
Wire outside diameter
 800mm ≤ OD ≤ 1400mm
Wire inside diameter
 450mm ≤ ID ≤ 1000mm
Packaging materials
 Braid (or other winding materials)
Ring body speed
 v ≤ 40r/min (frequency control)
The height of the idler
 About 500mm
Idler bearing
 ≤ 2000kg
Overlapping range
 Any overlap (adjustable)
Total power
 About 3kw
Voltage / frequency
 3 ¢ 380V/50Hz
 About 2000kg
With pre-selected pieces: 1. Labeling agencies
device can be customized according to the actual size of an object.